Installation / Setup

Installation / Setup

Have your system operating at optimum picture and sound quality, with our knowledgable team of technical experts and installers we come to you for everything from TV tuning and surround setup to full Home Theatre installations.  Full HD / Ultra HD picture and Digital/ DTS audio are currently the optimum, however not all households have the latest equipment, therefore we are here to provide comparable options and solutions to ensure you achieve the best quality possible from your available equipment and budget.

Our range of services include:

  • TV tuning, connections and cables 
  • DVD, Settop box, TBox, Playstation, apple setup and tuning
  • Digital Surround sound setup and tuning
  •  Amplifier /Receiver programming and setup 
  • Speaker connections, mounting, and wiring 
  • Projector Ceiling mounting, alignment and positioning
  • Projector screen assembly and mounting 
  • Flat or curved screen TV Wall and ceiling mounting.

We also carry on board all the cables, connectors, adaptors or leads you may require to achieve the best quality audio and visual signal from your existing equipment at very competitive prices starting from $80 (depending on your location). Whether your using your existing equipment or purchasing an updated setup we will advise, and if required provide the cables and connections to ensure you achieve the best possible audio/ visual signal quality. 

In this era of modern technology consumers are moving towards more space saving, compact options. The traditional surround sound speaker
setup is gradually being replaced by the soundbar.

In the past soundbars only amplified stereo sound from the Television, whereas now they are capable of delivering a full surround sound
cinema quality experience from a single bar without the complexity and clutter of speakers positioned around the room.

Whether its using an external, wireless subwoofer or all built into the unit, they are now cable of producing up to 7.1 channels of
surround with high quality, excellent imaging and rich presence.

We can mount your soundbar and educate you on the increasing connection options and sound experiences available from a single, compact bar.

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"Excellent work. Lovely guy. Would recommend to anyone. "

-Drew from Bundall, QLD

Posted: 07 June 2015


"He did a good job, and finished the job. Thank you for the service! "

Malathi from Springfeild
Lakes, QLD

Posted: 09 Dec 2014


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Home Theatre System installations

A recent installation in a dedicated home theatre room features a 100” wall mounted screen, ceiling mounted projector, 5 speakers and a subwoofer.

The projector is an Epson EH-TW6100W Home Theatre. Although this projector operates wirelessly we have also connected it by HDMI, therefore giving a backup connection option.

The HDMI cable is run into a Yamaha Receiver and Harmon Kardon front, centre and rear wall mounted surround speakers. Yamaha’s powerful bass is provided by the Harmon Kardon subwoofer.



Our vans out on the road providing you with efficient, prompt service
Home Theatre System installationsWall mounting a 40" LED TV above a storage shelf.
Full Home Theatre setup with 100" widescreen flat screen, ceiling mounted projector and 5.1 ch Surround setup.
An Optoma Full HD projector mounted in a basement Home Theatre with a fixed 125" screen
A massive 164" screen produced onto a specially painted white wall in a dedicated man-cave. A Panasonic Home Home Theatre projector mounted on a desk was used together with a Pioneer receiver, B & W subwoofer and Accusound speakers.
We carry the full range of AV cables : HDMI FROM 1.5m to 15m lengths, OPTICAL, COAXIAL, COMPONENT up to 5m, AERIAL LEADS UP TO 15M, COMPOSITE, RCA, 3.5mm and SPEAKER CABLE from $10.
Home theatre and audio installation Rear of Optoma Home Theatre Projector ceiling mounted and 100” fixed wall mounted screen in a garage with Yamaha Receiver, MK subwoofer and Polk speakers.
Home Theatre System installationsWith a nest of wiring and cables behind your system it can be very confusing. Let us take the worry out of it and set everything up efficiently and neatly for you to achieve the optimal result.
IMG_20151208_104554A recent installation In Hope Island, on the Gold Coast features an Optoma projector and 120” assembled fixed screen. Surround sound is provided by an LG Wireless 5.1 Channel surround system.
This Master bedroom in Logan features a 55" Samsung TV mounted on a Titan AV tilt bracket.
This Surfers Paradise apartment with either Samsung LED TV or LCD projector with motorized screen viewing options. Sound is provided by a Yamaha 5.1 ch. Surround system running an XBOX, PS 4, Fire TV and Foxtel.
G R A N D    P L A Z A   1.  Reaching new heights on the hoist ceiling mounting 2 LED TVs in a new computer store opening at Grand Plaza shopping centre at Logan